Hadrian’s Gate, The Three Gates

The walls are one of the old city of Antalya in the door today, common name “three Doors” or historical name of Hadrian’s Gate.
In a sense, I am one of the best preserved historic buildings in Three Doors. This is a work of Rome, made in the name of Roman emperor Hadrian in 130 Ad. By the time city walls closed the external portion of the door and the door has not been used for many years.
It also covers the city of sur, probably Three we call today Kaleýçý passed the doors of the old city, maybe not resuming outside at one end, exited even today’s size is about the size of three arches out of the Castle without a gate opened at maribut.
Referring to the present work before they tear it gelebilmesinin this is a reason perhaps. The remains of the city walls with the fall door. Pamphylia is regarded as the most beautiful gate. There are three openings in the form of the upper parts of the dome. The columns are made of marble completely white except for the. Engraving and embossing decorations all the characteristics of the period. There are two floors of the door is original. But we don’t have enough information about the upper floors.
On either side of the door, the door is not done at the same time as there are two known towers. One of them is known as the Julia Sancta tower to the South and is the work of a Hadrian’s era. Made of plain stone blocks. Kuzeydekinin belongs to the lower parts of the upper part of the ancient era is the time of the Seljuk.
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